Subscriber Filters Operational Commands

Subscriber Filters Show Commands

The show commands provide detailed information about the subscriber filter.

Subscriber ACL (Filter) Information

The show subscriber <id> acl command provides a comprehensive list of all ACL instances initiated for the subscriber, including RBFS Subscriber Filters and Ascend Data Filters (ADF). Additionally, this command provides the option to view detailed information for each filter instance by appending the corresponding filter name. Consequently, the filters are displayed with all variables, such as destination-ipv4-subscriber-prefix, replaced by their actual prefixes for clarity.


show subscriber <subscriber-id> acl <acl-name>


supervisor@rtbrick: op> show subscriber 1369375761697341441 acl ipv4-acl-in-ipoe-lag-1/1369375761697341441
Rule: ipv4-acl-in-ipoe-lag-1/1369375761697341441
  ACL type: l3v4
  Ordinal: 1
  Priority: 1001
      Direction: ingress
      Destination L4 port: 80
      IP protocol: TCP
      HTTP-redirect: True       URL: