Metric Management

A HTTP GET request to the /api/v1/rbfs/elements/{{element}}/services/restconfd/proxy/restconf/data/rtbrick-config:time-series/metric=/name CTRLD/RESTCONFD API endpoint lists all metrics configured on the switch. A HTTP GET request to `/api/v1/rbfs/elements/{{element}}/services/restconfd/proxy/restconf/data/rtbrick-config:time-series/metric={metric_name} returns the complete metric settings. {element} is the assigned element name and {metric_name} contains the name of the requested metric.

Metric sampling is stopped by sending a HTTP DELETE request to the /api/v1/rbfs/elements/{{element}}/services/restconfd/proxy/restconf/data/rtbrick-config:time-series/metric={metric_name} RESTCONFD API endpoint to remove the metric settings from the switch configuration. More information can be found in the CTRLD/RESTCONFD API /1/.