Port Mirroring Operational Commands

Capturing Mirror Traffic

After you configure mirroring to CPU by using the commands above, you can use the capture command to capture the mirror traffic.


capture mirror file <file_name> [start | stop]

Attribute Value


Name of the file where mirror traffic is captured

Example 1: Starting and stopping mirror traffic to a file

root@rtbrick: cfg> capture mirror file test.pcap start
root@rtbrick: cfg> capture mirror file test.pcap stop

Show Commands

show capture sessions


show capture sessions

Option Description


Without any option, the commands displays the FIB packet Capture sessions.

Example 1: Summary of FIB packet Capture sessions

supervisor@rtbrick: op> show capture sessions
Interface                      Direction   File                            Context
ifp-0/0/1                      BOTH        -                               45