HTTP Redirect Service Configuration

The configuration hierarchy for the HTTP Redirect service is illustrated in the diagram.

HTTP Redirect Configuration Hierarchy

Service Profile Configuration


set access service-profile profile-name <profile-name> <attribute> <value>

Attribute Description


Service profile name.


HTTP redirect service configuration.


HTTP redirect target URL.


Subscriber ACL (filter) configuration.


IPv4 upstream ACL (ingress from subscriber).


IPv4 downstream ACL (egress to subscriber).


IPv6 upstream ACL (ingress from subscriber).


IPv6 downstream ACL (egress to subscriber).

The following example shows a service profile named HTTP, redirect URL as the redirect destination. The 'ipv4-acl-in' ACL is applied as the filter criteria or ACL rule for this redirection.

supervisor@router: cfg> show config access service-profile HTTP
  "rtbrick-config:service-profile": [
      "profile-name": "HTTP",
      "http-redirect": {
        "url": ""
      "acl": {
        "ipv4-acl-in": "redirect-acl-in"