L2BSA Configuration

This document assumes a working base configuration explaining the L2BSA specific additions only.

AAA Profile Configuration

Each L2BSA service refers to a mandatory AAA configuration profile as explained in detail in the Subscriber Management Configuration Guide. The following example shows the minimum configuration with authentication and accounting disabled.

supervisor@leaf1: cfg> show config access aaa-profile aaa-l2bsa-default
    "rtbrick-config:aaa-profile": [
        "profile-name": "aaa-l2bsa-default",
        "authentication": {
          "order": "NONE"
        "accounting": {
          "order": "NONE"

Intermediate Agent Configuration


The functionality of the intermediate agent is designed to be implemented within the access node, which could be an OLT for fiber-based access or MSAN for xDSL. RBFS is technically prepared to fulfill the role of an intermediate agent in exceptional circumstances where the access node does not offer this function.

Please note that the intermediate agent function is deprecatd and will be removed in future releases!

The RBFS intermediate agent is capable of appending headers in the upstream direction but cannot strip them again in the downstream. Consequently, it is compatible only with PPPoE and DHCPv4. For DHCPv4, it should be noted that headers added upstream are not removed downstream if echoed back by the DHCP server, which is the usual behavior.

To enable the intermediate agent function, it must be enabled for each physical interface used by L2BSA services.

supervisor@leaf1: cfg> set access l2bsa intermediate-agent interface ifp-0/1/23
  pppoe-enable          Enable/disable the L2BSA intermediate agent for PPPoE Discovery
  dhcpv4-enable         Enable/disable the L2BSA intermediate agent for DHCPv4
  vlan-mode             L2BSA intermediate agent VLAN mode
  inner-vlan-min        Inner VLAN min
  inner-vlan-max        Inner VLAN max
Attribute Description


This option allows enabling/disabling the intermediate agent function for PPPoE discovery packets.

Default: false (disabled)


This option allows enabling/disabling the intermediate agent function for DHCPv4 packets.

Default: false (disabled)


This option enables the intermediate agent function for single, double, or single and double-tagged packets.



This option is applicable for double-tagged packets only and allows limiting the intermediate agent function to a given inner VLAN range.

Default: all

The following common example enables the intermediate agent for all single-tagged PPPoE/DHCPv4 packets and double-tagged PPPoE/DHCPv4 packets with inner VLAN between 1 and 3000.

supervisor@leaf1: cfg> show config access l2bsa intermediate-agent
    "rtbrick-config:intermediate-agent": {
      "interface": [
          "interface-name": "ifp-0/1/23",
          "inner-vlan-min": 1,
          "inner-vlan-max": 3000,
          "pppoe-enable": "true",
          "dhcpv4-enable": "true"