ARP/ND Overview

RBFS allows you to set the timer information for ARP and ND routes. The timer information specifies how frequently a device sends messages to its neighbor. RBFS provides a logical interface with which you can configure timers for neighbor routers. These timers are essential for protocols such as ARP and ND.

RBFS supports timers for the following attributes:

Gratuitous ARP Interval

The Gratuitous ARP is sent as a broadcast by a node to communicate its IP address to MAC address mapping on the network. The GARP timer enables you to specify the interval time based on which GARP can be communicated.

Neighbor Probe Interval

RBFS allows you to configure the neighbor probe interval for the specified interface. This attribute is used to ensure that the neighbor is available or not.

Router Advertisement Interval

RBFS allows you to configure router advertisement interval. Router advertisement includes route information to show the network hosts that the router is operational. The router sends these messages periodically within a time range specified with minimum and maximum values. The Router Advertisement Interval timer applies only to IPv6.

Neighbor Scan Interval

It specifies the time interval for neighbor router scanning. It scans the ARP table of a neighbor router to determine which IP addresses are active.

ARP Throttle Interval

ARP throttling is a method of rate limiting of ARP packets and it safeguards the router by limiting too many ARP requests triggered by incoming traffic. RBFS allows you to configure the time interval for ARP throttling.

Supported Platforms

Not all features are necessarily supported on each hardware platform. Refer to the Platform Guide for the features and the sub-features that are or are not supported by each platform.