User Profile Configuration

Subscribers are typically authenticated through remote servers like RADIUS. RBFS additionally offers the capability to authenticate these sessions by comparing them with user profiles defined locally within the system.

Configuring the User Profile

supervisor@switch: cfg> set access user-profile
  <user-name>           Username

supervisor@switch: cfg> set access user-profile
  l2tp-pool-name           L2TP pool name
  password-encrypted-text  Secret/password in encrypted text
  password-plain-text      Secret/password in plain text
  tunnel-type              Tunnel type

The following example shows a typical …​.

supervisor@switch: cfg> show config access user-profile
  "rtbrick-config:user-profile": {
    "user-name": "",
    "password-encrypted-text": "$243a1341f44f54888cdd385b9f40513f1",
    "tunnel-type": "PPPoE"
Attribute Description


Username of the subscriber.



User password which can be provided as plaintext or already encrypted text.


Subscriber tunnel type.

Default: PPPoE Values: PPPoE, L2TP


Assign a local configured L2TP tunnel pool.