Subscriber Management Configuration

The following sections describe Subscriber Management configuration syntax and commands.

Configuration Hierarchy

The main interface configuration for a physical interface (ifp) and associated VLANs is related to a series of profiles that hold parameters for authentication with AAA, services like IGMP and MLD, access methods like PPPoE and the like, and so on. The overall structure of this configuration and profile system is shown in Figure 2.

ngaccess cli2
Figure 1. Configuration and Profiles

All of the access configuration and profile sections are edited under the access top-level hierarchy of the configuration.

supervisor@switch: cfg> set access
  aaa-profile           Global AAA profile configuration
  access-profile        Global access profile configuration
  chassis-id            Chassis id for this node <0-15>
  dhcp-relay            Global DHCP relay configuration
  dhcp-server           Global DHCP server configuration
  dhcpv6-server         Global DHCP server configuration
  interface             Global interface profile configuration
  l2bsa                 Global access l2bsa configurations
  l2tp-pool             Global L2TPv2 pool configuration
  l2tp-profile          Global L2TPv2 profile configuration
  pool                  Global address pool configuration
  radius-profile        Global AAA RADIUS profile configuration
  radius-server         Global RADIUS server configuration
  service-profile       Global service profile configuration
  user-profile          Global user profile configuration

Detailed descriptions of each configuration and profile can be found in the following chapters. This configuration guide starts with the interface configuration which is the entry point for every new subscriber followed by mandatory access and AAA configuration profiles.

The second part explains the optional configurations.

The user-profile and l2tp-pool are the only components not referenced by name. The key here is the user or pool name.