Supported Standards

RFC and draft compliance are partial except as specified.


  • RFC 1516

  • RFC 1661 (partly)

  • RFC 1332 (partly)

  • RFC 5072 (partly)

  • RFC 1334 (partly)


  • RFC 2865 (partly)

  • RFC 3162 (partly)

  • RFC 2866 (partly)

  • RFC 4372 (partly)

  • RFC 2869 (partly)


  • RFC 951 (partly)

  • RFC 1542 (partly)

  • RFC 2131 (partly)

  • RFC 2132 (partly)

  • RFC 3046 (partly)


  • RFC 8415 (partly)

Access Line Information

The access line identification and characterization information are defined in the Broadband Forum (BBF) formerly known DSL Forum attributes including Agent-Remote-Id and Agent-Circuit-Id.

See the following references for more information about access line attributes.

  • RFC 4679 DSL Forum Vendor-Specific RADIUS Attributes

  • RFC 6320 ANCP (partly)

  • Broadband Forum TR-101 (partly)

  • draft-lihawi-ancp-protocol-access-extension-04 (partly)


RFC and draft compliance are partial except as specified.

RFC 2661 - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TPv2)

RFC compliant L2TPv2 Access Concentrator (LAC) with the following protocol limitations:

  • No support for LNS initiated outbound calls (OCRQ, OCRP and OCCN)

  • No support for WAN-Error-Notify (WEN) Messages send by LAC to LNS

  • No support for Set-Link-Info (SLI) Messages send by LNS to LAC

  • No support for L2TP over IPv6

  • No support for L2TP offset values other than 0.

RFC 5515 - L2TP Access Line Information AVP Extensions

  • Support for access line AVP send (LAC) and received (LNS) as part of the L2TP Incoming-Call- Request (ICRQ) message.

  • Response to Connect-Speed-Update-Request (CSURQ) L2TP messages is currently not supported.

RFC 2868 - RADIUS Attributes for Tunnel Protocol Support

RADIUS support for L2TP with the following limitations:

  • No support of FQDN format for IP addresses

  • No support Tunnel-Medium-Type other than IPv4

RFC 3145 - L2TP Disconnect Cause Information

Send meaningful disconnect cause information to LNS and display received disconnect cause information for tunnels and sessions.

Supported Hardware

You can find more detailed information about what RtBrick features are supported on each hardware platform, see the Platform Guide.