Resmon Configuration

Configuration Hierarchy

The diagram illustrates the Resmon configuration hierarchy.

Optic Configuration Hierarchy

Configuration Syntax and Commands

The following sections describe the Resmon configuration syntax and commands.

Global Monitoring Configuration

This command sets the poll-interval for the resmond to discover optics.


set resmon monitoring <poll-interval>

Attribute Description

poll_interval <poll-interval>

Specifies the interval (in seconds) at which optics should be polled. The interval can range from 3 to 10000 seconds. The default interval is 5 seconds.

Optics Configuration

You can use this command to disable or enable (By, default enabled) tx laser or high-power class of an optics module on a specific interface.


set resmon optics <interface> …​

Attribute Description

interface <interface-name>

Name of the interface

high-power-class [disable / enable]

Enable or disable high power class for optics module. Enabled, by default.

tx [disable / enable]

Enable or disable lasers for optics module. Enabled, by default.