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1. Troubleshooting Tools

  • RBFS provides the following troubleshooting capabilities:

    • rtb bash utility (CLI)

    • Full access to all state information (BDS tables)

    • Built-in packet capture function

    • Logging (log files as well as in-memory log tables)

  • Troubleshooting Steps

    • The troubleshooting steps outlined in this section do not need to be performed in any particular order

    • The most efficient approach will always depend on the individual problem

  • Bug Reporting

1.1. Verify BD operation

  • A BD may have crashed or not started correctly

  • Verify if all expected BDs are running – simply by typing 'rtb' + tab

ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ rtb 
bgp.appd.1     confd          fwdd           l2tpd.1        poold          resmond        tsdbd        
bgp.iod.1      etcd           hald           lldpd          pppoed.1       subscriberd.1
  • If BDs are missing, check for core dump files

  • In case of core dumps, analyse with gdb debugger tool

ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ ls -l /
-rw-r--r--   1 root root  479301488 Aug 22 15:51 core.bgp.appd.1_1722_2019-08-22_15-51-36

ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ sudo gdb bd /core.bgp.appd.1_1722_2019-08-22_15-51-36
(gdb) bt
  • Check BD startup status – status of all modules should be "active"

ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ rtb confd show datastore table dump global.startup.status.confd

1.2. Verify basic operation of interfaces, addressing, or next-hop resolution

Higher-layer application issues may be caused by underlying infrastructure problems

ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ rtb fwdd show interface [physical | logical | address]
ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ rtb lldpd show lldp ifp summary
ubuntu@rtbrick:~$ rtb fwdd show datastore table dump default.fwd.neighbor.ipv6

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